Yvette Evans

Owner/Stylist (specializing in Natural Hair)

My E-Mail: classysassybraids@yahoo.com

Yvette Evans creator and owner of Classy Sassy Braids & Beyond has been in cosmetology for 18 years. Her sense of style and inspiration of classy sassy glamorous hair comes from her grandmother, who was an exclusive stylist for several Motown artist in Yvette's hometown of Detriot, MI. Although she had a niche for the industry and attended cosmetology in Monterey, CA and obtained her license in 1993, she took a different career path. Nursing became her focus because of Yvette's other love for helping and caring for others. However, during her nursing career she continued to bring her style and flair to her patients. Yvette would style their hair and make them up to add joy into their lives.

 When Yvette became a patient herself in 2001, she found herself on a journey to look for a stylist who could do her natural hair. When the journey became ongoing with no luck of finding a stylist, Yvette realized their was a need for a salon that specialized in professional natural hair care. Classy Sassy Braids & Beyond was open in June of 2002.

Today Classy Sassy Braids & Beyond is known for its natural hair care stylists and products. The salon continues to flourish in it's clientele and services. Eventually, Classy Sassy Braids & Beyond will be a dayspa, but in the meantime you can enjoy its friendly, fun, and professional atmosphere with eyelash and hair extensions, braids, custom color, and haircutting services.


My Regular Hours

10:00am & 6:30pm
10:00 & 6:30pm
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