Child Hair Care Birth to age 17

We at Classy & Sassy Braids want to educate the parent and child that this can be the perfect opportunity for your child to build-self appreciation. Teach your child how to take care and love his/her hairs natural texture. It’s important that you involve them in its grooming process, never allow then to perceive their hair type as “bad, or problem”. This will make all the difference in the years to come. Once the appreciation of their own beauty is instilled, they can choose to lock, straighten or braid any way they want.

Are you having a hard time understanding your childs hair???

Is their hair thick, medium ,or thin???

Is it too straight, wavy, curly, or coiled???

Is your child’s hair frizzy, dry, or damaged???

Classy & Sassy Braids(& Beyond)

is here to the rescue. We are here to help you and your child understand his/her hair.


From Birth until the age 5

Did you know the use of chemicals in a child’s hair can retard its growth? TipUse a natural hair styles such as braids, plaits, or twist. As for products, use light creams or natural oils such as “Jojoba oil” which will provide moisture and sheen to the hair.

Age 6 to 10

Did you know synthetic hair has dyes and fibers that can cause an allergic reaction? Tip: Synthetic hair extensions are not recommended for this age group. If hair extensions are needed, use only human hair.

Age 11 to 15

Did you know that hair is fed by the blood in our system? If your child consumes a large amount of non-nutritional food, the blood will not provide the nutrition it requires, (e.g. proteins), the hair may become weak and lead to breakage. Tip: Along with a healthy diet, deep conditioning and hot oil treatments will help keep the hair soft, healthy, and promote growth.

Age 16 to 17

Did you know “ highlighting” requires stripping the hair of its natural shade? If the hair has been relaxed highlighting will further weaken the hair shaft. Tip: Bi-weekly visits to the salon for essential treatments are important to keep your hair healthy: